Making food replica which is one of the splendid Japanese culture experience is being held every single day at DesignPocket Osaka main shop in Sennichimae Doguyasuji Shopping Arcade.
Our experience instructors tell you how to make it politely, so a wide age ranges of people:
anyone from a three-year-old child to adults who love making somethings can enjoy it.
You can take all food replicas you made home in to-go box on that day. Furthermore we are selling original food replica's keychain, magnet and accessory in our shop.
Please drop in and see us when you come to Osaka.

🍙Business hour🍙
Monday - Thursday ,Sunday(9: 30 ~ 18: 00)
Friday, Saturday and Public Holiday Day (9: 30-20: 00)




(FOOD REPLICA) Sushi making experience

You can start making food replica of sushi by choosing two pieces of sushi ingredient you like from salmon, Japanese omelet, medium fatty tuna ,yellowtail, shrimp, salmon roe. You will be able to bend the sushi ingredient like sushi chef made sushi by his hands and draw patterns on it. By imaging f

(Food Replica) TAKOYAKI experience

You can make food replicas of two Octopus Dumplings , which is called "takoyaki" in Japan and local specialty of Osaka. Cooked to your liking and amount of sauce are up to you! You can make quite unique by the finish work of putting mayonnaise. I recommend that you are wearing matching accessories

(FOOD REPLICA) Seasonal gelato parfait making experience

Seasonal gelato parfait making experience is our latest menu in the end of 2017.You can imbue your favorite-shaped cutting sponge and squeeze the cream just like pastry chef do that.You will make gelato as it's so realistic by mixing "magic powder". After that, fruits topping are placed on top of ge

(FOOD REPLICA) Seasonal tart making experience

You can make two-adorable seasonal tarts. At first, you will paint the tartlet dough like baking it in an oven. After that, you will squeeze the cream of favorite thickness. When you will put the fruits and delicious-looking sauce, all is completed. This making experience is very popular, especia
DesignPocket Osaka main shop
10-11 Nanbasennichimae, Chūō-ku, Osaka, 542-0075, Japan