Making experience of food replica "unique to" the Kyoto is held every single day at DesignPocket, located on the second floor in Kyoto Tower Sando standing in front of the Kyoto station.
Matcha green tea ice cream parfait is very popular with not only Japanese but also people from abroad.
Making experience of 2-piece sushi everyone loves is available every day.
This Kyoto exclusive experience can be enjoyed by everyone; from kids to adults. How would you like to come over to our shop? Furthermore we are selling original food replica's keychain, magnet and accessory in our shop.Please drop in and see us when you come to Kyoto.


(FOOD REPLICA) Sushi(2 pcs) making experience

You can start making food replica of sushi by choosing salmon roe battle ship and sushi ingredient you like from salmon, Japanese omelet, medium fatty tuna, and yellowtail. Let's imaging firmly things you really want to eat. 「I'm wondering it looks so delicious how its ingredient I paint. Ho...

(FOOD REPLICA) Matcha green tea parfait making experience

You can make your own matcha green tea parfait; it is so cute and typical of Kyoto. You are cutting and painting sponge, squeezing the cream, putting matcha ice on it. It looks so real one. After that, it is finished to place looking -delicious "ingredient" on your cream, such as azuki beans, "Shir
DesignPocket Kyoto tower Sando shop
721-1 Higashishiokojicho, Shimogyo Ward, Kyoto, 600-8216, Japan