Tsushima, a plastic mold shop in Higashi-Osaka, also works on environmental issues!

Plastic mold shop in Higashi Osaka, Tsushima Co., Ltd. The challenge to molds for biodegradable resins that have been tackled so far has taken shape, and we have decided to design molds suitable for molding with biodegradable resins, judge the feasibility of molding, and propose resin replacement. It has been. -When have you been trying "biodegradable resin molds"? Sales Mr. Fujita: "It's a recent story that we have begun to move concretely, but since the time of the Aichi Expo, we have always wanted to mold with biodegradable resin and biodegradable resin at one corner of our head."-Aichi Expo ... 15 years ago! The Aichi Expo was based on the theme of "Nature's Wisdom." One of the sub-themes is "recycling society", and as an initiative to create a society that minimizes the burden on the environment as much as possible, everything from meal trays, cups, and potted plants used in the venue to nature It seems that it was made of the material which returns to. Recently, I have come across paper straws in cafes. We often see the phrase "using environmentally friendly materials ...". It was the recent impression that I felt more in real life, and I didn't know honestly that I had been working so long ... Mr. Fujita: "I think it's the level of a general consumer. It is not just OK to replace the current material with a biodegradable resin, but if the material changes, it may not be possible to mold well with the conventional method. However, as environmental considerations are increasing year by year, we believe that biodegradable resins will gradually progress while realizing cost reductions. I think that thinking about a method that does not hurt is not a new theme in recent years, but rather "a long-awaited approach". Representative Tachibana-san: "It's impossible to change everything at once, so I think it's important to work on it. First, those that are consumed in large quantities and those that are disposable The medical industry and the food industry are currently at the center of our proposals. If there is a company that is in trouble when you want to shape it with biodegradable resin, we are a mold shop I would like to help with proposals that can only be made. "Thank you again, Mr. Tsushima!