[Welding + Painting + Wood cutting] Experience craftsmanship on site! "Small shelves" made with engineers

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[Real experience of town factory technology! Making a "short shelf" with a craftsman] * Due to the site of the town factory, it will be held as soon as 4 to 10 people are ready. * Convenient if you have this size! Its name is "Small Shelf". It is made using metal frame and wood. The place to make is the manufacturing site of the town factory! ! A workshop where you can not only see the manufacturing site but also experience the site. It is a tour where you can meet craftsmen who can not easily meet and make things together. We started with a welding shop. We actually welded by having a craftsman at the site teach welding. Make a little shelf frame. Once you have a frame, take it and move on a bicycle. There are many delicious things in Higashi Osaka. Let's go to the painter while dropping in! When I arrive at the paint shop, I paint on the frame made with the craftsman at the site. Once completed, take the frame to MACHICOCO. The shelves of the "short shelves" are processed with wood and assembled. done! Click here for the time schedule 10:00 Welder assembly 10: 00-11: 00 Frame production (welding experience) 11: 00-12: 45 Happily move (enjoy the city of Higashiosaka) 13:00 Arrive painter 13: 00-15: 00 Frame production (painting experience) 15: 00-15: 30 Slippery movement (to MACHICOCO) 15: 30-16: 30 Shelf processing, assembling and completion of "Small Shelf"! This is a tour where you can experience the manufacturing of Higashi Osaka, a city of manufacturing. Please join us! I don't have enough people but I really want to participate! If so, please contact us once. We will inform you on the homepage when the date and time are confirmed. https://monooto.jp/ * Haburi is prepared here. * It is possible to move by car. (If you need a rental car, taxi, etc., it will be charged separately.) * Please participate in clothes and shoes that can be dirty on the day. * Please refrain from participating in shorts.
JPY 20,000
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[Welding + Painting + Wood cutting] Experience craftsmanship on site! "Small shelves" made with engineers
JPY 20,000
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