Particular Choice Course

Service details
You can choose your from all the kimonos in the shop. As well as kimono, you can also coordinate the sash and sandals by yourself.

Contents of Set
Under wear
Dressing (Other accessories necessary for dressing are included)
Stroll 1 hour free (After dressing, you can explore the outside freely)

Booking flow
① Advance reservation (this site or telephone)
Regarding the reservation from the homepage, the customers who made reservations before 10pm on the previous day will be priority. Please confirm by phone in advance even on the day. It might be possible to take care of your offer, if there is a vacancy. End of reception on that day is at 7m. Please don't hesitate to contact us when you come around us.

 We will respond only in Japanese to your inquiries by phone.
② Visitation & Payment
It is highly advise to be present 10 minutes before the appointment time. Beyond the appointment schedule may be treated as cancellation.
The fee will be prepaid.
Each course fee, deposit shall be paid.
※ 5,000 yen is required separately as deposit.
We will refund the full amount of deposit when you return the kimono usually.
③ Select kimono patterns & accessories
With the Staff's Choice Course, you can choose among several types of staff coordinates,
With the Particular Choice Course you can choose from all the patterns in the store.

We will dress your kimono in a private room in the shop.
Clothes will be kept at the in-store cloak.
Please be sure to bring valuables with you.

Hair Make-up
If you would like a hair makeup at our partner salon, please make a reservation in advance.
Hair Make-up Option
In addition, there is a powder room available for free in the store. If you do not wish for an option, you can use it for makeup or hair setting.

④ Shooting of commemorative photos
Please upload your own photo in kimono to facebook or Instagram!
Shooting photos at studio by a professional photographer
Won't you take your very best shoot in kimono at photogenic Japanese modern world produced by photographer Takuho Abe?

⑤ Strolling around the store
After dressing, you can explore outside freely.
The first hour is free for both the Staff's Choice Course and the Particular Choice Course.
You can explore freely at 1,000 yen/1 hour (maximum of 5,000 yen/ a day).
Please enjoy a walk with kimono in unusual style.

Location photographing by a professional photographer
It is also possible to shoot photo at outside the studio by a professional cameraman (such as Osaka Tenmangu or Osaka Castle). You can take the photo that "You are as it is" as "location photo" which you can' take in the studio.
The cost varies depending on the location and time you wish.
Please contact us in advance.


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