-Bring a 3D printer home on that day! How to use

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What is a 3D printer? What can it be used for? What can you do? I want to use it but I don't know. . . In response to such requests, we will hold a lecture on how to take your 3D printer home! ! A 3D printer is an output device. Modeling is necessary to use it. In this course, you will learn about the 3D printer (FDM method) structure, experience 3D modeling, modeling, and experience a whole range of usage. The lecturer is an engineer of an active 3D printer manufacturer. We support for 2 days so that engineers who can listen to anything can use it. 3D printers have begun to be used in various scenes of manufacturing. If you know how to use it, the concept will change from life to work. Want to know a 3D printer and challenge a new world? ● What you can do ・ You can know 3D printers ・ You can use 3D CAD ・ You can model your own model ・ You can take your 3D printer home and model it at home + α You can boast a little ● Schedule DAY1 (8/27) 10:30 start 10:50 What is a 3D printer 11:00 Assembly & leveling 12:00 Output test 13:00 Lunch break 14:00 Slicer software CURA 14:20 Test file output and confirmation 15:00 Challenge for simple modeling 16:00 Modeling the created data DAY2 (8/28) 10:30 Start DAY2 10:40 Observe and review what was created on DAY1 Time 11:30 Let's make an accessory case & modeling 12:30 Lunch break 13:30 Modeling practice ①: Make a mug 14:30 Modeling practice ②: Make a smartphone stand 15:40 Mug & smartphone output 17:40 17:55 End of Course ● Cautions and Requests ①Please bring your own personal computer (notebook PC) when you attend the class. If it is difficult to bring your own, a rental PC will be provided here. (A rental fee of 8,000 yen is required.) Please specify when you apply. * Recommended specs [CPU] intel CORE i5 (8th generation) [Memory] 8GB or more [SSD / HD] 30GB or more free space [GPU] GTX1050 4G or more * CAD software does not work properly in environments that are significantly below the above There is a case. Please note that it will be difficult to attend. ② CAD software is required. No installation fee is required, but a separate 7,560 yen license fee is required for trial use for one month. * After applying, we will send you e-mail information about how to purchase and install. Customers who bring a PC ask for pre-installation. * Rental customers will be installed on the day. (3) The 3D printer (AnyCubic i3 MEGA) to be assembled is the FDM method (heat melting lamination method). ④ Take the 3D printer home. In the case of delivery, please understand that a postage (actual cost) is required. Please contact us in advance which you would like.
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-Bring a 3D printer home on that day! How to use
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