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In addition to Samurai performance Experience, you will watch our Samurai performance just in front of you and furthermore, you can try our popular Ninja’s throwing Shuriken or throwing stars/throwing knives. For 90 fully enjoying minutes, please have fun with our Samurai and Ninja. We sincerely hope that your experience with us will become one of your good memories in Osaka, Japan.

・Watch our Samurai performance – 10 minutes
 Please watch our fun and cool action show performed by our Samurai and Ninja.
・Samurai Experience – 50 minutes
  You will wear a kimono, change into a Ninja costume, or put a Samurai armor; and practice holding a sword wooden, metal with no sharp blade and learn sword fighting techniques. Lastly, you will take a main samurai role one by one in turn, and act in a cool short performance for about one minute.
・Calligraphy (Shodo) Experience *If there is intention
You will grind a ink from an inkstone, and practice handling a brush. Then you will write one kanji character on a paper. Please take your work back home for your memory.
・throwing knives Experience
  Challenge throwing some throwing knives. For your safety, we will use ones made of rubber. If you can hit the center of the target, we will give you a small prize. We will record your total points, and update the names of top 20 high scores every day in our homepage.
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 In the past, “Tate” or the art of Japanese sword flighting was considered as a special technique only for stage and/or movie actors, and for students in acting school. The art has been seen as refined movements in acting; but it also includes graceful manners, appropriate behaviors, harmonious movements with others, proper conduct in behavior and attitudes, and respecting others involved. In the end, the art teaches us a moral principle – or “Do” in Japanese – to discipline our souls and spirit.
At Japan Tate-do Association, we emphasize the “Do” aspect of the art, and introducing “Tate Do” to general public. Through practicing the art of “Tate Do” with us, we sincerely hope for practitioners of the art to advance their appreciation toward traditional Japanese culture.
 Japan, 〒550-0014 Ōsaka-fu, Ōsaka-shi, Nishi-ku, Kitahorie, 1 Chome−1−27 イマイビル