Parent and child, pair casting challenge! Let's melt metal and make original accessories!

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[Summer Vacation Special August is held every day except Obon! 】 Casting Experience Workshop Casting (casting) is pouring molten metal and making metal form freely. In order to use an alloy that melts at a low temperature of "low melting point alloy", you will make a mold within the time of the workshop, pour it in, finish it and bring it home! ~ Procedure ~ 1, Decide on the shape you like and write a design 2, Cut out the mold 3, Fill in the metal in the mold 4, Remove the mold and let it cool down 5, Decorate with beads of your choice and complete ! Our staff will assist you as needed, so small children can join with confidence. Perhaps there are many who are new to metal processing. The moment of pouring the metal is not enough! ! It is a workshop where you can experience the technology that manufacturing industry is processing naturally. After the workshop, the parents and children will present each other's works with each other and presents each other, saying "What did you create?" "Manufacturing" is not only the ability to grow, but also the power and imagination to innovate . Why don't you try your mother and your child together? It will be a good experience for your child. Please enjoy "making things" together with your parents and children ♪
親子・ペア(2名様料金) JPY 5,000
おひとりでの参加 JPY 3,000
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