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You can make your own konpeitou by combining your favorite [color] and [flavor]!

First, make the first type of konpeito, which is a combination of [color] and [flavor].
After that, I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of change will occur by mixing the second type of [color] and [flavor]!

[About the machine]
A small Konpeitou machine with a diameter of 30 cm.
・ You can experience from 1 to 3 people for 3,600 yen per machine.
(However, it is not possible to experience using one machine with only 3 children (elementary school students or younger) or 3 adults (junior high school students or older). Reservations for multiple machines are required
・ Up to 4 machines and 9 people can be used each time, so please enter the number of machines.
・ Two types of konpeitou are made per machine.

[About the number of people]
・ We do not accept only for children (elementary school students and younger). Please be sure to experience it with adults.
・ Those who do not participate are not allowed to enter the room.
・ There is no waiting room, so if you are waiting, please spend your time at another place.

★ Pattern that you can experience in one machine ★
≪1 person for 1 machine ≫
・ 1 person / 3600 yen ・ ・ ・ For 13 years old and over.
≪2 people for 1 machine ≫
・ 2 people / 3600 yen ・ ・ ・ Paid from 2 years old
・ For the experience of children from 2 to 12 years old, one adult is required to participate in each machine.
(Example 1) ・ 2 adults
(Example 2) ・ 1 child + 1 adult= 2 people

≪3 person for 1 machine≫
・ 3 people / 3600 yen
(However, it is not possible with only 3 children under elementary school age or 3 adults (junior high school students and above))
(Example 1) ・ 2 adults + 1 child= 3 people
(Example 2) ・ 2 children + 1 adult =3 people

Please enter the number of people by making reservations for multiple machines.

[About Konpeitou]
・ Please choose two colors, flavors and Konpeitou size on the day of the experience.

[About reception hours]
9: 30/11: 00/13: 30/15: 00 (about 60 minutes)
* The start time will be after deciding the color and flavor of the Konpeitou to be made on the day, so please arrive 15 minutes before the start time.
Please decide the color and flavor first.

[If you come by car]
・ Please enter the "number of cars"

[Other information]
・ You will feel thirsty, so please bring a drink.
・ you will be asked to choose the color and flavor of Konpeitou, so please come 15 minutes before the start.
Please be sure to call us if you are likely to be late.
Please note that if the start time is delayed by 15 minutes or more, it will be as a cancellation.
・ You might share with another participants in the workshop room.
・ It may splash on clothes, and it is difficult to remove it if it gets dirty.
Therefore, it is okay to bring an apron, etc. (Not required)
1 person Konpeitou workshop fee JPY 3,600
2 people Konpeitou workshop fee(1 Adult+1child) JPY 3,600
2 people Konpeitou workshop fee JPY 3,600
3 people Konpeitou workshop fee (1 adult +2 childs) JPY 3,600
3 people Konpeitou workshop fee (2 adult +1 childs) JPY 3,600
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60 Minute
1 Days ago 15:00
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