A factory tour where you can experience Japanese town factory technology in a realistic way. We also offer a technical experience plan for customers. Experience Japanese factory technologies such as lathe, welding, forming, and cutting.


【技術体感ツアー】旋盤・金型・金網・彫刻加工 技術を見に行こう!

モノづくりの現場を体感しませんか? 金属を加工する町工場を巡るツアーをお客様に合わせてアレンジします。 製造メーカーはお客様からのご依頼に合わせて毎日モノづくりに取り組んでいます。 なかなか見る...

[Welding + Painting + Wood cutting] Experience craftsmanship on site! "Small shelves" made with engi

[Real experience of town factory technology! Making a "short shelf" with a craftsman] * Due to the site of the town factory, it will be held as soon as 4 to 10 people are ready. * Convenient if you have this size! Its name is "Small Shelf". It is made using metal frame and wood. The place to make is

Parent and child, pair casting challenge! Let's melt metal and make original accessories!

[Summer Vacation Special August is held every day except Obon! 】 Casting Experience Workshop Casting (casting) is pouring molten metal and making metal form freely. In order to use an alloy that melts at a low temperature of "low melting point alloy", you will make a mold within the time of the...
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