It is a town factory lab where you can experience the manufacturing of the town factory in real life. There is a GHstore where you can meet engineers from town factories around Higashi-Osaka, enrich your work with workspaces and technologies that can be made together, and rare products that are not sold in stores. . Experience the manufacturing of the town factory, such as cutting, molding, making molds, etc. in a workspace that sticks to the real. You will learn about manufacturing using various materials such as wood, plastic, metal, etc. ♪ In Higashi-Osaka factory technical experience tour, you will experience manufacturing in the real field.


-Bring a 3D printer home on that day! How to use

What is a 3D printer? What can it be used for? What can you do? I want to use it but I don't know. . . In response to such requests, we will hold a lecture on how to take your 3D printer home! ! A 3D printer is an output device. Modeling is necessary to use it. In this course, you will learn about t

Real experience of town factory technology! Making “little shelf” with craftsmen

[Real experience of town factory technology! “Choice shelf” making with craftsmen] * Due to the circumstances of the town factory, it will be held as soon as 5 to 10 people are available. * Convenient if there is this size! The name is “little shelf” made with a metal frame and wood. The ...

Parent and child, pair casting challenge! Let's melt metal and make original accessories!

[Summer Vacation Special August is held every day except Obon! 】 Casting Experience Workshop Casting (casting) is pouring molten metal and making metal form freely. In order to use an alloy that melts at a low temperature of "low melting point alloy", you will make a mold within the time of the...
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