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Tsushima, a plastic mold shop in Higashi-Osaka, also works on environmental issues!

Plastic mold shop in Higashi Osaka, Tsushima Co., Ltd. The challenge to molds for biodegradable resins that have been tackled so far has taken shape, and we have decided to design molds suitable for molding with biodegradable resins, judge the feasibility of molding, and propose resin replacement. I

We are researching molds for biodegradable resins

Mr. Tsushima, a plastic mold shop in Higashiosaka. This time, we talked to Mr. Tachibana, the representative, and Mr. Fujita, the sales representative, about the approach to biodegradable resin molds that Tsushima is currently focusing on. Research on molds for biodegradable resins that has been ste

Mold clamping, resin pressure, fluidity ... learn while simulating mold molding

We have been telling you about a plastic molding molding experience using transparent dies several times in a row! Mr. Tsushima has been tackling various challenges this year besides this plastic course. While we are currently talking about it, we can't tell you the details yet, but this year's Tsus

Inside is exposed! Transparent molds become bridges between mold shops and manufacturers

Tsushima, a plastic mold shop in Higashiosaka, is planning a mold course utilizing transparent molds. [Check the previous article] https://monooto.jp/clearmold I have never heard of a mold shop opening a course and teaching herself! For those who teach, it is a luxurious place, but for Mr. Tsushima,

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Design and manufacture of plastic molds

We are particularly good at molds for miscellaneous goods, automobile parts and building materials. A craftsman with 35 years of mold manufacturing and a craftsman with 25 years of molding experience will respond sincerely. We carry out everything from trial production, assembly and shipping.

Mold repair and maintenance

We also respond quickly to troubles during molding. We will collect it at your convenience and perform maintenance after verifying the cause.

Resolve these customer issues

I want follow-up.

Tsushima accepts inquiries regarding mold repair and maintenance regardless of whether it is made in-house or made by another company. Please feel free to contact us if you have any problems with the mold manufacturer you have produced.

I'm having trouble with mold maintenance.

We also accept repair and maintenance of molds manufactured by other companies.

I want to consult / I want a suggestion

There are no craftsmen with difficult faces in Tsushima. We are all thinking and working on our customers' requests. A bright and smiling employee is looking forward to helping customers with their problems.

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