The theme of Tenman Kimono is "Taisho Roman".
The Taisho Roman style kimono in which the western culture is mixed up with the traditional Japanese kimono is outstandingly compatible with items which are popular recently, such as beads and laces! You can wear it with boots, a muffler or a beret. That is one of the popular points that you can enjoy coordination over ordinary kimonos. It is also recommended for those who do not want to wear the same as other people.
You can choose one of the set of kimono from several choices that the staff coordinated in advance.

User guide
【How to make an appointment】
· Please apply from the reservation form on our homepage.
【Cancellation · Changes】
· If you change or cancel the reservation date, time or content, please cancel by phone or email at least a day before the reservation date.
※ Depending on the time and reservation situation, we may not be able to accommodate your request. Please be noted ahead.
· Please note that If you cancel on the day of reservation, you will be charged 100% of the reservation fee as a cancellation fee regardless of whether you contact us or not.
【About Kimono】
We prepare various sizes considering height and body shape. Please feel free to consult with the store staff.
Kimono for children is not available at this moment. Thank you for your understanding.
【Dressing & Hair Set】
An experienced Kimono dresser will wear it, therefore it won't come loose and it will not be too tight.
It takes about 30 minutes to wear kimono and hair setting.
※ It is not included the time to choose a kimono.
※ It may take a little longer depending on the busy season and time zone
※ Men's hair set is not available.
We will dicline to wear kimono to pregnant customers.
【About payment method】
· Please pay the course fee and option fee in cash on that day before departing for a walk.
【About Strolling】
· The first hour is included in the course.
· For strolling more than 1 hour, 1,000 yen will be added every 1 hour. (Maximum of 5,000 yen on the day)
· We are renting the small articles 3 items / 1 set (as option).
· Please return by 9:30pm on the day.
· We also have the option that you can return by 12pm on the next day. (Add 1,500 yen)
【About storage of luggage】
· In the unlikely event that you stain the kimono please report it at the time of return.
※ If it is a little dirty it's okay. Cleaning fee will not be charged. Please return it as it is when it gets dirty.
· Please refrain from smoking when wearing kimonos.
· If you damage the kimono and it is impossible to repair such as burning of cigarette, we will charge damages.
· We will charge a fee separately for damage or lost of accessories etc.
【About cancellation of a rental service】
· In the case of Storm, heavy snow and typhoon etc, we may decline strolling.
· If we cancel the service, no cancellation fee will be occured.


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Staff's Choice Course

Staff's Choice Course

We will rent a kimono/sash set that our staff coordinated. You can choose from about 5 kinds of kimono. Contents of Set Kimono Sash Under wear Socks Sandals Dressing (Other accessories necessary for dressing are included) Stroll 1 hour free (After dressing, you can explore the outside fre

Particular Choice Course

Particular Choice Course

You can choose your from all the kimonos in the shop. As well as kimono, you can also coordinate the sash and sandals by yourself. Contents of Set Kimono Sash Under wear Socks Sandals Dressing (Other accessories necessary for dressing are included) Stroll 1 hour free (After dressing, you c

Kimono Rental 【Tenma kimono】
3 Chome-4-14 Tenjinbashi, Kita Ward, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture 530-0041, Japan