[Business hours] 9: 30-17: 00
[capacity] minimum 1- 9 people (Premium Konpeitou workshop)
minimum 10-15 people (Petit group Konpeitou workshop)

※ Reservation are required for all workshops.
[Near station] get off at Nankai Line "Shichidou Station", walk 10 minutes


Premium Konpeitou workshop

You can make your own konpeitou by combining your favorite [color] and [flavor]! First, make the first type of konpeito, which is a combination of [color] and [flavor]. After that, I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of change will occur by mixing the second type of [color] and [flavor]!

Petit group Konpeitou workshop (available for 10~15 people) ¥1500/ person

You can make your own original Konpeitou! [About Konpeitou] ・ Divide into 2 groups and make 1 type of Konpeitou per group. * Please note that each group will have one color and flavor. [About the machine] ・ Use a 90 cm Konpeitou machine to make your own original Konpeitou. [Abou...
Sakai Petit Museum
4-chōme-148-12 Minamijimachō, Sakai Ward, Sakai, Osaka 590-0904, Japan