[Business hours] 9: 00-17: 00
[capacity] minimum 1- 9 people (Premium Konpeitou workshop)
minimum 10-15 people (Petit group Konpeitou workshop)
minimum 1-5 people (Sugar art workshop)
※ Reservation are required for all workshops.
[Near station] get off at subway Tanimachi Line "Yaominami Station", walk 5 minutes

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To all Konpeitou workshop participants
As a countermeasure against the new corona infection, we want our customers to enjoy it safely. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we have decided to guide you in one room for 6 people for a while. Please use a non-woven mask as much as possible. Thank you for your understanding. If you hav
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早めの手作り体験 (#^.^#)♪ 毎年、夏休みは大人のお客様より、子供たちに人気の手作り体験 ♬ 宿題の課題に、思い出作りに、コンペイトウの世界に想像力を育んで みてはいかがでしょうか。。。1+1=2ではない...
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大阪いらっしゃいキャンペーン ✨ コンペイトウの秘...
大阪いらっしゃいキャンペーン開催 7月14日(木)まで延長。 7月14日(木)までのご宿泊の方。(宿泊内容により使用条件は異なります) コンペイトウ王国(八尾と堺)にて、電子クーポンでのお出迎えになります...
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weekdays discount campaign
Why don't you come and experience the Konpeitou workshop on weekdays? .. .. In addition, one machine is 3,600 yen for 3,300 yen (300 yen discount on weekdays) Even if it rains ☔, it's okay because it's an indoor workshop. Please come and join the workshop. Weekday discount campaign perio...
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