[Business hours] 9: 00-17: 00
[capacity] minimum 1- 9 people (Premium Konpeitou workshop)
minimum 10-15 people (Petit group Konpeitou workshop)
minimum 1-5 people (Sugar art workshop)
※ Reservation are required for all workshops.
[Near station] get off at subway Tanimachi Line "Yaominami Station", walk 5 minutes

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バレンタインデー & ホワイトデー
コンペイトウ王国では、大切な方へのイベント用のプレゼントとして、 チョコレートに寄り添う小さな可愛いコンペイトウ。 ホワイトデーのお返しや、お世話になっている方へのプレゼントとして、 みんなでシェ...
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To all Konpeitou workshop participants
As a countermeasure against the new corona infection, we want our customers to enjoy it safely. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we have decided to guide you in one room for 6 people for a while. Please use a non-woven mask as much as possible. Thank you for your understanding. If you hav
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大阪いらっしゃい キャンペーン2021
大阪いらっしゃい キャンペーンで贈与されたポイントをお使い頂けます。 お砂糖本来の味を活かした優しい甘さのコンペイトウや、ガツンと苦味の効いた珈琲コンペイトウなど、綺麗で可愛いコンペイトウをたくさ...
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Notice of same-day reservation
Please contact us by phone for the reservation💖 ☎072-282-2790 We look forward to your call. It's okay on the day, but it's easier to get a seat if you make a reservation in advance.
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