[Business hours] 9: 30-17: 00
[capacity] minimum 1- 9 people (Premium Konpeitou workshop)
minimum 10-15 people (Petit group Konpeitou workshop)

※ Reservation are required for all workshops.
[Near station] get off at Nankai Line "Shichidou Station", walk 10 minutes

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Message for all Konpeitou workshop participants
Due the declaration of a state of emergency in Osaka (from April 25 to June 20) Sakai Konpeitou museum make a limit number of participants for each workshop time. The maximum number of participants are 6 people in one room. We would like to apologize for any inconvenience. Due this period re
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Variety of Karumerayaki (honey comb toffee)
We usually sell brown sugar honey comb toffee. Recently, we tried to add some flavors to make a new Karumerayaki.😋 1.Red shiso 2.Ginger 3.Plum kelp tea 4.Kelp tea 5. Green shiso ※Sakai Petit Museum only
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Sweet gift for Konpeitou workshop participants
Sweet gift for Konpeitou workshop participants in Sakai Konpeitou Museum. What is the gift?! Sorry, We can't tell you here~ hehe
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Meet and greet with Sugar Love-chan ☆ 彡
Sugar Love-chan is Konpeitou kingdom original character. She is fairy of sugar. Her birthday is on March 10. Her magic spell is "Sugar-love, Sugar-love, Sugar-love Ring!"
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